A quick note about purchasing online:

Please note that if you buy a guitar or bass on the internet that will then get shipped to you, our factory setup may be affected by rigors of transit. We have very stringent guidelines and specs for the setup of our instruments, but are aware that after being shipped from us to your dealer, then from your dealer to you, the instrument may need some setup. This is not a warranty issue. Unfortunately, when purchasing an instrument over the web, you are not afforded the opportunity to play something before you buy it, or have a local store that can help with minor adjustments or a small warranty issue. 

If you buy a guitar on the internet, please familiarize yourself with the basics of guitar adjustment, or have a local guitar tech/store that you feel comfortable taking your instrument to. This will allow you to have these minor adjustments attended to, and will keep your instrument playing at the optimum level.

If you have issues or questions on this, please contact your dealer.

Additionally, if you have a warranty issue, please first contact the retailer you purchased the instrument from. Our authorized dealers are set up to handle most small warranty issues. Warranty issues and any shipping logistics should be managed between you and the dealer. If the retailer determines that a warranty issue needs to be addressed in our shop, they will contact us.

Thank you.